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Osprey Executive Search
Buy Canadian Real Estate Lenders Excel
Need to Get in Touch with 2000 Decision-Makers in the Real Estate Development Industry?

We have 1,366 Presidents & CEOs, 214 Partners, 383 CFOs and Vice Presidents of Finance, plus 401 COOs, Executive and Senior Vice Presidents.

Looking for a Commercial Mortgage or Construction Financing?

Get in touch with our 1003 Commercial Lenders with Life Companies, Credit Unions, Banks, Pension Funds or call a Mortgage Broker. We have them all.

Does our Database Contain Real Estate Professionals?

Yes, we have 2800 Architects and Engineers, 1807 Lawyers specializing in commercial real estate, 1632 Real Estate Consultants and 2099 Commercial Real Estate Brokers.

Real Estate Developers
Over 2982 Toronto Developers & Managers listings with hundreds of companies in Excel.
Buy Now for Just $695!

Real Estate Lenders
Get 1000 contact records of Canadian Lenders in hundreds of Head Office and Branches.
Buy Now for Just $299!

ONLINE Real Estate Directory
23,342 Real Estate Executives and Managers at 7,741 locations.
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Can I Create My Own Custom Database?

Definitely. Choose from all of the categories or titles mentioned above in our Shopping Centre, Industrial, Office or Residential Property codes. Right across Canada, or by Province and Postal Code.

I want to use the contact information in my Blackberry.

No problem, you can import the contacts from your excel file into any contact management software.

I Have Some Questions of My Own?

Call us at 416-929-3720 or email info@realestateexecutives.ca