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By Carla Reynolds, Senior Environmental Scientist, Barenco Inc.
Some Brownfields have unique environmental issues that make them difficult to redevelop. What if the cost to excavate and dispose contaminated soil exceeds the redevelopment value of the land? What if the property's value lies in an existing building, but the contaminants are beneath that building? Or what if the contaminants are in the ground water and remediation in any reasonable timeframe is uncertain? Read Full Risk Assessment Article  >>>
By John Dill, Managing Partner, CCI Development Group
Brownfield redevelopment layers on the additional risks associated with the environmental contamination. These include the assumption of the environmental liabilities, land use redevelopment restrictions, and a myriad of additional regulatory approval requirements... Read Full Article  >>>
By Michael Carragher, Vice President — Mortgage Investments, Firm Capital Corporation
The redevelopment of unused or underutilized sites located in urban settings will continue to provide opportunities for developers. The intensification of these sites makes better use of the existing infrastructure. However, these developers must have the requisite resources whether it be financial or in-house knowledge... Read Full Article About Bridge Financing  >>>
By Harry Dahme, Senior Partner, Environmental Law Group, Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP
Anticipated amendments to Ontario Regulation 153/04 (the Records of Site Condition Regulation, or the "Regulation") may have a dramatic impact on owners of contaminated property in Ontario and on their ability to redevelop their properties... Read More About the Brownfields Regulation  >>>
By Vico Paloschi, Vice President Environmental, Pinchin Environmental
The MOE has some good ideas, but without additional changes they will not be practical. Regulated standards which are un-attainable or a risk assessment process that is dysfunctional (as it is in its current form and will likely continue to be) will undermine the economic viability of brownfield opportunities and could lead to an increase in environmentally orphaned brownfield properties.... Read Full Article  >>>
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