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Real Estate Executives Database Products

Real Estate Developers & Managers
Over 2982 Toronto Developers & Managers listings with hundreds of companies in Excel.

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Commercial Real Estate Lenders
Get 1000 contact records of Canadian Lenders in hundreds of Head Office and Branches.
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Our Commercial Real Estate databases have been compiled, expanded and updated since 1982 to ensure the most complete, accurate contact information for our subscribers.

From our main database you can access 1,797 Development companies with 6,223 contacts including:

  • 1,366 Presidents & CEOs
  • 214 Partners
  • 935 contacts in Real Estate Finance, including 383 CFOs and Vice Presidents of Finance

We also have 1,807 Commercial Real Estate Lawyers across Canada with the largest national firms and many smaller boutique specialists.

Custom databases in Excel

Quickly create mailing lists with all the CEOs, Presidents and other senior executives in Development, Financing, Construction, Commercial lending or other specialties.

Target contacts in office, industrial, shopping centre or residential portfolios. Import the data into your own contact management system.

Contact us to customize your own real estate directory to launch your next marketing campaign.

In our 390 Commercial Brokerage offices we have 2,099 Presidents, Vice Presidents, Managing Directors and Sales Representatives.

Other categries are:

  • Architects and Engineers - 2,840 contacts at 907 locations;
  • Real Estate Consultants - 1,632 at 607 locations, and;
  • 1,453 General Contractor contacts in 414 companies.