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Advertise with us and gain exposure to 2,364 Presidents, CEOs, Partners CFOs and Vice Presidents in 1,797 Development and Property Management companies across Canada.

Or, call us for counts on Architects, Engineers, Real Estate Lawyers, General Contractors, Commercial Brokers and Lenders — 416-929-3720.


Our highly targeted circulation ensures your newsletter sponsorship ads are seen by key decision makers in Real Estate Development, Commercial Real Estate Lending, Retailing, and other commercial real estate industry sectors, offering you the most effective coverage and impact for your advertising budget.
Newsletter Ad Specifications & Rates 1 Month 3 Months 6 Months
1 — Leaderboards 728 x 90px $495 $995 $1,995
2 — Banner 468 x 60px $395 $795 $1,595
3 — Skyscraper 160 x 600px $295 $595 $1,195
4 — Box 180 x 180px $195 $395 $795

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Our Special Reports are focused editorial reports offering readers in-depth, forward-looking analysis of particular topics, offering advertisers the opportunity to maximise impact.

Research shows that these types of Reports attract wider readership and that readers pay more attention to advertisements than in other mediums

The first in our series of Special Reports — The Commercial Real Estate Lenders Special Report, received 4,320 page views from CEOs, Presidents, Partners and Vice-Presidents in development, construction, commercial lending, architecture, commercial brokerage, finance and other positions.

Special Report Sponsorship Rates 1 Report 2 Reports 3 Reports
1 — Leaderboards 728 x 90px $1495 $2249 $2949
2 — Banner 468 x 60px $1199 $1799 $2399
4 — Box 250 x 250px $999 $1499 $1999
5 — Rectangle (top of page) 234 x 90px $725 $999 $1199
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With over 50 important Update Blogs annually, you can present your message alongside important content within a valuable marketing vehicle. Our subscribers keep informed, visiting the blog 4,937 last month and clicking on our sponsors logos or navigating to other blog pages.

A sponsorship campaign will reinforce your message and build increased awareness of your company or products. Your message reaches key decision makers — like CEOs, Presidents, Partners, CFOs — who visit regularly to keep current on Real Estate companies and other executives.

Blog Updates Sponsorship Rates 1 Month 2 Months 3 Months
1 — Leaderboards 728 x 90px $1495 $2249 $2949
2 — Banner 468 x 60px $1199 $1799 $2399
3 — Skyscraper 180px width $1099 $1699 $2199
4 — Box 250 x 250px $999 $1499 $1999
5 — Rectangle 180 x 150px $725 $999 $1199

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We receive thousands of page views each month and would like to give you the opportunity to promote your companyís products and services by advertising with us.

Whether itís a Leaderboard (728 x 90), Wide Skyscraper (180 x 600) or Square Box Ad (250 x 250), our advertising opportunities are located on the most popular pages of our website.

Website Ad Specifications & Rates 1 Month 3 Months 6 Months
1 — Leaderboards 728 x 90px $495 $995 $1,995
2 — Banner 468 x 60px $395 $795 $1,595
3 — Skyscraper 180 x 600px $295 $595 $1,195
4 — Box 250 x 250px $249 $449 $699
5 — Box 180 x 180px $195 $395 $595

Contact Us for Special Pricing for Any Banner or Text Ad + Full Page Company Profile

Custom Email Marketing Campaigns

$395 / 1000 emails sent on your behalf.

NO set-up fee — a SAVINGS OF $100
NO reporting fee — a SAVINGS OF $50

Call us at 416-929-3720 for details.

Email Marketing Opportunities

Send your message or newsletter to a targeted audience of real estate executives in development, marketing, construction, lending or other categories.
Select from 14,000 email addresses across Canada.

Create Your Own Ad Campaign

Create a combination of graphic or text ads on several pages. Sponsor a special edition of the newsletter. Combine these with an email marketing series to your best prospects. Call us at 416-929-3720 for a quote.

Contact Real Estate Executives Inc. to Place Your Ad Today

Our carefully controlled, complimentary circulation to Real Estate Developers, Commercial Real Estate Lenders, Retailers, and Professionals offers you the most effective coverage and impact for your advertising budget.

Our website has an average of 5000 page views monthly — and growing. Our e-newsletter is opened by over 10,000 real estate executives.

All files to be supplied as JPEG, GIF, SWF, or PDF. Files can be emailed prior to publication to info@realestateexecutives.ca

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